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Tax System in Hong Kong

The Inland Revenue Ordinance provides for the levying of three separate direct taxes


  1. Salaries tax: on income from office, employment and pension
  2. Profits tax: on business profits
  3. Property tax: on rental income from properties


Tax Advisory


Our team fully understand the taxation laws of Hong Kong and are experienced in tax practices and tax advisory. With sound knowledge of clients' businesses and industries, we can assist clients in solving tax issues from Hong Kong and identify operating risks and opportunities for clients. We help clients enhance their compliance, improve cash flow and seek more tax preferences.


Our team are committed to planning innovative and complete tax schemes with professionalism and care for the different situations of every client, we also provide professional advice with respect to corporation tax, personal tax and other issues, and tax-saving opportunities, aiming at reduction of tax charges for our clients.




We provide additional comprehensive professional tax services:


  • Act as Tax Representative
  • Filing Profits Tax Return
  • Filing Property Tax Returns
  • Filing Employer's Returns
  • Filing Personal Individual Tax Returns
  • Objection to the tax assessment and request hold-over of tax
  • Tax planning, consultants and recommendations 
  • Deal with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department tax investigation